Sunday, June 16, 2013

Religious Tourism in Quebec?

With the canonization of Brother Andre, Quebec is hoping to cash in on the estimated $18 million dollar faith tourism industry. They'd like to attract pious visitors to such sites as  St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal or Our lady of the Cape Shrine in Trois-Rivieres.

But wait! There's other holy places to visit in Quebec!

What about...

A farm in Warwick where it is said that in 1957 Fernand Lachance invented poutine, exclaiming: "Ca va faire une maudite poutine!" (It will make a hell of a mess).

Or Rue St-Hubert in Montreal where, in 1951, the very first St. Hubert rotisserie chicken restaurant opened.

Or one of the many dépanneurs from Hull to the Gaspé where René Lévesque bought his smokes.


Jasmine said...

I just had to search what poutine consists of and it sounds amazing (although looks kinda gross) - although instead of cheddar I think i'd rather use brie :P I'm a bit obsessed!

Tyler Thursby said...

Hello hello! Love the design of your page! I'm jealous.

Shameless plug time. Not sure if you're interested, but I just finished working on my 10 Best US Music Festivals for 2013. Drop me a link if you like it! :)

Becerita said...

Fany entertaiment post thx

Mody said...

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