Did Judy Garland Commit Suicide?

Judy Garland was a petite 16-year-old playing a child in the movie, 'The Wizard of Oz,' but she had already captured attention as having the greatest singing voice in Hollywood.

The studios owned many of their stars in those days and, scared that she'd gain weight, kept her on a lot of pills. This led to drug dependency which lasted for the rest of her life. She needed something to stay awake during the day and something else for sleep at night. Married, by 19 she was already an alcoholic. Her behaviour on set became erratic and by the 1950s she had become a liability to MGM and was cut loose. There had been a number of suicide attempts from slashing her wrists and throat to trying to overdose on prescription pills. Having been married five times, often to gay men, by the 1960s she was doing concerts and needed the money as she was badly in debt. Very late for a performance in Melbourne, Australia, and, heckled by the crowd who believed her to be drunk, she cut the show short. In June of 1969 her husband found her dead locked in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet. It was concluded that she had not, infact, committed suicide but that the years of drug use and alcoholism had caught up with her.

Judy shortly before she died...