Does Anyone Still Have The Last Name, 'Hitler?'

Your last name may be Crapo, Butts, or Wilfahrt but you can still count yourself lucky that it's not Hitler! Are there still people around with, 'Hitler' as a last name? Prior to World War II there were 22 with that as a surname in the New York phone book. After the war there were none.

But of course those Hitlers probably weren't related to Adolf. So what happened to his family?

To begin with Adolf's family name hadn't always been, 'Hitler.' It was originally, 'Schicklgruber!' His father, Alois, had been born with that name. His stepfather's name was, 'Hiedler' and it was changed over time from there. Adolf would later say that he was fortunate of this as no one would have listened to a dictator named, 'Schicklgruber.'

Hitler had a sister named Paula. For security reasons, during her infamous brother's rise to power, she lived under the name, 'Wolff.' During the 1950's she was protected and looked after by surviving Nazis. She died in 1960 having had no children so no one from Adolf's immediate family lived on.

But Hitler had an Irish nephew: William Patrick Hitler. Born in Liverpool, he was the son of Adolf's half-brother Alois Jr. As William's tyrannical Uncle seized power he moved to Germany to welch off of his famous relation. Adolf and the boy never got along and William tried to blackmail the dictator into giving him more money and power. He eventually escaped Germany and went to America where he enlisted in the U.S. Navy to help defeat his now hated uncle.

And William Patrick had 4 sons! So the Hitler bloodline is still around...sort of. William Patrick changed his name to Stuart-Houston and lived in New York. He died in 1987.

His 4 sons were named Alexander Adolf, Louis, Howard Ronald, and Brian William. Howard Ronald died in a car accident in 1989 having had no children. There have been a lot of rumours that the surviving brothers have made a pact not to have kids themselves so that the Hitler genes would not live on.

But if you think you are a distant descendant of Adof Hitler I wouldn't worry about it. Some research has shown that possibly 1 in every 200 men have Genghis Khan in their family tree:

William Patrick Hitler


point2make said...

Very informative...well done. I never thought of the "Hitler" last name going forward and I also did not know his family members immigrated to the states. Thanks for the excellent info. Voted this hub up!

hush4444 said...

Wow, I never even thought about anyone still having this last name. This is a great hub and very well written.

Daily Perversion said...

Thanks. If his name had remained 'Schicklgruber' we may have had a completely different history.

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I didn't even think about Hitler's last name and his descendants. I'll have to do some research now, cause I am intrigued! I wonder if he has family still living and if they know their heritage.

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Dave E. said...

Did you know Adolf Hitler was born a myopic hermaphrodite, had six toes on each foot and the inside of the Eagles Nest was modeled after an Islamic Mosque? He also had 2 black children, a Chinese mistress and peed sitting down. Further, he invented the internet (not Al Gore) and once was arrested for stalking Shirley Temple.

Jeff Mellott said...

Heil Schicklgruber?
It just doesn't sound right.