Men Who Self-Satisfy Themselves Aren't Doing Anything Wrong!

Masturbation is A-OK!

Recently I read a an article on, 'How to Quit Masturbation:'

Masturbating is like the original video game! Worldwide it's more popular then any title put out on Playstation or X-Box. So take that LittleBigPlanet!

It's healthier, too: Doing it vigourously can be a form of calisthenics...

Today it is widely understood that there is nothing wrong with self-pleasuring yourself (as long as you don't do it in a bus or at the library).

This wasn't always the case! In the past it was thought to be the cause of all sorts of terrible maladies, eventually leading to insanity. But that was in a time when they gave you cocaine for a toothache and a cigar to cure tuberculosis.

As a result of the stigma, few men ever admitted to doing it, leading others to get the impression that if they did do it themselves, they were sickly and immoral.

Poet Walt Whitman admitted doing it. And probably
 enjoyed doing it several thousand times.

Walt Whitman's Poetry...

The Draconian Past...

From 1856 to 1932 the U.S. Patent Office issued 33 patents for devices to prevent males from touching themselves. Some of these designs looked medieval and were cruel in their application...

Until recently you could still by penis rings with spikes in them to quell any nighttime erections.

Enter Alfred Kinsey...

Kinsey, a biologist, founded the Institute for Sex Research in 1947. He was someone who took many taboos and put them into the public forum. Filming around 1000 men as they engaged in self-pleasure, he may have been a bit odd, too. You could probably understand the basics after watching 2 to 3 guys do it.

Nonetheless, by 1966 Masters and Johnson added bolster to Kinsey's research by doing even more research and then concluding that everybody does it. You aren't alone!


All of these men are walking around saying, "I don't masturbate!"
 and, "No! You? Plus I blame the mess we're in on Calvin Coolidge.
 I bet he strokes himself all the time!"


All of these men admit that they masturbate and talk about it all the time.